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Picture for category Artificial Intelligence
Picture for category Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We believe that AI will still be the breakthrough technology of the new era. Thus, Heligate has been strongly investing to strengthen our AI development capability to meet your requirement.

We particularly have much experience on multiple subjects in AI-OCR/AI-OMR, while we also be able to deal with overall domains: Computer Vision・NLP・Recommendation System・Voice Recognition (For Ex: Spell Checking)・Text Classification・Image Recognition & OCR in Healthcare…

Picture for category Web & Mobile App Development
Picture for category Web & Mobile App Development

Web & Mobile App Development

We have an abundant resource with experienced web developers (3-5 years x 50%) with various skills.

Among those, according to the demand of the market, we are now focusing to build up a larger resource of Angular, ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS and .Net.


Our capable development domain widely varies at B2B&B2C E-commerce site, Stock Warehouse Management System, Logistics, HR Management System, Matching site, E-learning site, Reservation System, ect… with the deep understanding of Japanese Payment System such as: GMO Payment, PayPay…


To each project requirement, we will study and submit you the most cost-effective with the best performance solution by utilizing our experience and strong skill, and flexibly adapt open CMS services; libraries; SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MongoDB for DB structure.


As the part of the whole development service, we have experienced on System Migration Projects, such as VB6 to VB.NET or Flex to Angular. And we also receive any requirement if you just need to order us the Prototype Creation (Prototyping Service).


In accordance with Web development, we also invest the abundant resource to provide Mobile development service.

Our mobile team can handle both Native App and Cross-platform App.


For Native App, we can handle with both Objective-C & Swift for iOS and Kotlin/C#/Java for Android.

For Cross-platform, we can handle both by Flutter and React Native. Meanwhile, we propose you to apply Flutter because of its strong points rather than React Native.


Our capable development domains are widely varied with the same web system’s domains. 

To meet the demands, we always try to update with the latest technology to offer, such as: AR/VR, Text-to-speech, Speech-to-text, ect…


Picture for category Data Annotation
Picture for category Data Annotation

Data Annotation

Being aware of the importance of Data Processing in any AI subjects, Heligate started providing the Data Annotation Service with the service brand name “Helinotation” utilizing our self-promoted automatic labelling tool, from 2021 May.


The input data can be in various formats such as txt., pdf, static video format, motion video format… and the output can be adjusted into formats according to your request.


Using our tool, you can interact directly with labelled data released real time to check the progress and quality, and you can also use it partly to train the model at the same time.


Heligate owns the data labelling team who can understand Japanese well, which is helpful when the project needs the deep understanding of Japanese daily life culture or any other specific business domains.


After a half of the year from service launching, a number of Japanese customers have used the service with 100% satisfaction of our price, quality and duration.

Picture for category Maintenance
Picture for category Maintenance


Along with the development service, upon understanding the technical stacks and the business flow of the system, we offer the Maintenance Service for the Software to the customers.

To the customers who newly order the Maintenance Service, we will start by doing the system and business research before proposing which Maintenance scopes should be, together with your defined new functions to be developed.

Normally the main scopes of this service are:

- Defect Diagnosis and Treatment

- Software monitoring & trouble shooting

- Helpdesk about the Software System

- Development and Deployment of additional functions

Based on these above scopes, we will offer you the most appropriate maintenance team and price, with the common contract type is Time & Material Contract (so called: quasi-mandate contract)

In terms of scopes related to Server side, we cooperate with a local strategy partner company, who is the agent of Amazon Web Service (AWS) in Vietnam, but can also provide the service for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Picture for category Labor Dispatch
Picture for category Labor Dispatch

Labor Dispatch

We cooperate with a member company in Heligate Group to provide “Labor Dispatch Service” with 02 main markets which are Japan and Taiwan.


Our customer domain varies in many domains such as: Mechanical, Machinery Repair, Food Processing, Agricultural Works and Nursing.




The target of dispatch is in 03 types:

- Specific Profession

- Intern

- Study Abroad


With the professional process built by the rich-experienced team who has been working with many customers in Japan and Taiwan, we commit to provide the quality service by the capability of:

- The abundant labor resource which can adapt to variety of domain.

(*) Our network and labor database is utilized by “Labor Dispatch Matching Service Platform”, a platform integrated with AI Bot to use on PC, Mobile devices, which was 100% self-developed by our in-house developers.

- Our standard “In-house Training Process”: the labor is pre-trained to master the basic language skill, as well as the understanding of the culture and behavior of the destination country.

- Guarantee the dispatch schedule with fulfilled legal documents.

- Very competitive price and high responsibility.


In the near future, in addition to the dispatching domains above, we will consider to build up a system to dispatch the IT Engineers from Vietnam, which will help a lot to the shortage of IT resource in Japan.

Picture for category Investment Promotion Support
Picture for category Investment Promotion Support

Investment Promotion Support

Heligate cooperate with our strategy partner company to provide the “Investment Promotion Support Service” mainly to Japanese Enterprises who are planning to set up their Company, Representative Office, Joint Venture or Factory in the north of Vietnam.


The detail of the service includes:

- Investment Support:  Consulting and Handling Procedures for

+ Establishment of Legal Corporation, Branch, Joint venture, Representative Office in Vietnam

+ Setting up Factory procedures and other related procedures

+ Registration for Tax, Social Insurance; support service in terms of Tax, Accounting and Social Insurance execution.

- Trade and Marketing Promotion Support:

+ Support Market Researching, creating network and source finding for both import-export between Japan & Vietnam.

+ Business support as a connecting bridge between Japanese and Vietnamese companies (for example: Japanese Translation, Legal check, customs clearance, logistics…)


 With our specialist team, who has much experience working with Japanese customers, we can offer a wide range of support with high quality and flexibility.


These are Customer reviews about our services which got the permission of Customers to publish them on our website.

Loyal Japanese




Quality developers


Satisfied clients



Heligate was informed to be awarded as one among the prominent IT vendors in the year 2020

Imitsu is one of the most famous IT Business Matching Site in Japan, who has a widely known reputation with the huge network in IT sector.


Technical Lead

Recruit 01 Technical Lead (Web full stack) Working in Hanoi At Heligate HO: #14 Me Tri Thuong, Nam Tu Liem


Software Development in Vietnam 2020 - An Overview

Vietnam is already a popular software outsourcing destination. The 2019 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index rated Vietnam as the 5th most attractive outsourcing location in the world.